Both Sides Now

Long, long cloud.

I’ve been having a really hard time writing this post. It’s not just because the clouds are pretty on their own, but because I’ve had a really hard time writing anything at all.

And, today is a very busy day. Two shows in one day with different musicians. One is out near Indio, CA at the Stagecoach Festival. I have no idea why I booked this one because it is such and outlier that it messes up the rest of our time table.

The second show is at The Hollywood Bowl where just about every musician I’ve ever known has gathered to celebrate Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday. Another version of that is played on Sunday.

Then, we go to New Orleans where we celebrate my friend’s life and finally back to the farm completing a whirlwind long weekend trip.

It almost feels like a normal tour schedule except there are no busses.

Enjoy your weekend and these clouds.



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