Spring’s rebirth.

Yesterday was very hard. Being in two places at once usually is.

With the amount of hugs and kisses that were passed around and around I realized that most of us hadn’t seen each other since late 2019 or very early 2020 when we were locked down.

Seeing each other was almost as good as the music was, even if the music was a  little rough. What many fans don’t realize is that even when a guest musician sits in with the featured act, that’s been rehearsed prior to the show.

In this case there was barely any rehearsal, with new acts being added right up until showtime.

I did see one thing I thought I’d never see, 90 year old Willie Nelson singing a duet with 87 year old Kris Kristofferson. 78 year old Stephen Stills jokingly said that he feels like a kid around those two.

My advice? If musicians from a certain era are your jam, see them now because tomorrow never knows. See how I worked a Beatles song in there?


I made this picture near my neighbor’s fence.

It seems to symbolize early spring as nature reclaims its place from mankind.

Besides, it’s a Sunday picture, a little quiet.



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    AWWWW, wow!!!!!!

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