Looking at this wall of color impresses even me.

Given my numbers for April I’m not sure about anybody else. But, no matter, I had fun making these photographs.

I surely knocked off a lot of rust and I started to see again. I saw small things, light, color and things I would have missed in the past year.

That’s really what a “Picture A Day” project is about. It teaches you to see and a few things about yourself. I really suggest that my photographer followers check it out. If you do daily walks as we do, carrying something with which to make pictures is very easy.

These images are all iPhone 14 pictures. That’s the camera that goes everywhere with me these days.

A word about these photographs.

There are some that you haven’t seen. You might have if April had about 45 days. Luckily, it doesn’t.

There are seven. Unseen pictures, not days. See if you can spot them. There are more in the April folder.

I feel lucky enough to have made two portfolio pictures, “Exit” and “Reflections,” at the very top.

Thank you for hanging out with me last month.

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