Pure Color

Inside out.

“For people who write well there is no shortage of opportunities.” – Professor Scott Galloway. He also thinks this is the golden age of journalism. I think the golden age of journalism has long passed back in my early career days.

Of course, he’s talking about digital distribution for every writer on platforms like Substack, where a couple of former print reporters have established real live news sites. I know this because they show up in my inbox everyday.

I cannot read all of them. So, I don’t.

This is where the theory of scarcity comes into play. How many news sites is too many? I don’t know.

If you look at my favorite bookmarked sites you’d see about ten. They are specialized. I have one for history, one for archaeology, two for art and so on.

I do not have any for photography because most are poorly written by children who are too concerned with the latest and greatest gear in hope that it will make them better photographers.

This is not a rant. It’s more like an overview.


This picture is more like an establishing shot of the detailed wheel-like picture I posted yesterday.

I know it’s supposed to be in celebration of Memorial Day. There is no celebration of Memorial Day. The holiday is supposed to be about military who were killed in action. These colors are a little too vibrant for that.

Maybe I’m wrong.

What do you think?



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