Mystery Picture

Abandoned in some strange place.

Before we take another step forward, I have no idea what I did to achieve this effect. My fingers slipped on the screen and Snapseed did something, but I don’t what.

When I saw the unintended result I liked it so I kept going. Mostly, I slightly darkened and sharpened the final image.


AI has been the talk of, well, everywhere.

A very strong advocate of Generative AI art on Twitter was not happy with me when I replied to her question about what was still needed in the craft with this answer. Forget technique, what’s needed is good taste and a very strong sense of right and wrong.

Most of the practitioners of Generative AI are young, and just like young photographers they are mostly concerned with gear and technique. They don’t seem to care who they hurt, about copyright issues and even theft.

They will when all of this is tested in courtrooms.

I suspect these issues will find their way to the corrupt Supreme Court who will either be bought off by big stakeholders or won’t understand any of this and they’ll slap it all down. That’s too bad because there really is no turning back now.

It is the way of the world right now.



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