In Nature

Up, up, up.

Once again WordPress is being twitchy.

It turns font choices into some kind of serif type that is ugly to my eye and that I would never use. It did let me reduce the font size and I’ll find out about appearance when I try to enhance this post.


This photograph is a classic example of nature seeking stasis.

Someone built a building and even though it looks freshly painted, it is abandoned. The windows are covered with plywood. So are the doors.

After living in New Orleans for some time, I can only speculate that the new paint job covers graffiti and tagging.

Abandon a building and nature reclaims it. Soon shoots and vines will grow all over the building.

These leaves aren’t ivy or kudzu, they are tree leaves that came from a tree growing about ten yards away.

Nature is relentless.

I think that if the owner of the building didn’t clear the vines in a year or two the building would be unrecognizable.

I think I’ll return every few months and see if nature is stilling winning.

As she should.



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