Good Luck

Like Mardi Gras.

Here we are again. Ugly type that can’t be changed. Watch out WordPress. We are coming for all sorts of digital companies, but mostly AI.

It didn’t have to be this way, but it seems that young people (the biggest supports of this new technology) have no sense of morals, no understanding of right from wrong.

It was so bad that some kid followed me back to my own page to attack me. Because he can’t spell it was easy to leave him for dead which I did. Then, I blocked him.

So, I joined global group that is already fighting for regulations, stricter copyright enforcement and not allowing anybody to use original work without payment.

It has to be global because the internet is global

This is happening in many industries. The film and television writers strike is caused by a number of issues, not the least of them being the use of ChatGBT to write scripts.

Musicians are in the mix of fighting back. I’m pretty sure that everyone who can be affected by AI is starting to fight back.

I’m aware of at least 75 lawsuits that are seeking injunctive relief ordering AI generators to stop using their work in any way. There are probably more.

This, is as if we didn’t have enough issues to worry about, climate change, deep polarization between the right and left, the war in Ukraine and now this.

If I listen to the experts, this could be the worst issue of all because nobody knows what this will do. And, it will last forever.

Think about that for a few minutes.

Legal matters.


3 responses to “Good Luck”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I’m glad to know there is a global group advocating for better copyright laws! My blog was attacked in 2021 by a European site that used my stuff, even before AI. A nightmare.


  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Unfortunately, that’s not it. You are talking about contests, I think. I’m talking about how AI is affecting everything, already. People are already losing jobs. Gig workers like photographers are already losing commissions as companies realize they can create their own pictures at about 25% of the cost. It’s only going to get worse.


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