Art on your wall.

Every now and then I start playing, but not often enough.

This picture, that has no title, was made while we were watching a science fiction movie that was very colorful.

Believe it not, this is an image of nature. All three layers were made on my walks at different times and on multiple days.

When you layer an image sometimes different colors pop through the original base layer. That’s why you see all the angles.


And, this and that.

This last weekend was bloody, very bloody. People died, four year olds had their face shot off, immigrants were run over.

What the hell? Or, some worse word.

Here’s what crossed my mind. Texas is gone. If they really secede, goodbye. Who needs a state that elects a mean spirited governor and Cancun Ted Cruz? That’s one approach which I don’t really endorse.

We could vote the idiots out of office — especially Ted Cruz. And, Lindsey Graham, the American stooge. That will take time and I don’t know how much time we have.

I was told not to ever discuss politics on Storyteller or at Thanksgiving dinner, which gets a lot more interesting when you do. Screaming and yelling usual ensues pretty early on in the discussion.

Sometimes police have to be called for a domestic disturbance. Families splinter and don’t talk to each other for years, which is probably a good thing.

Okay, let’s get serious again.

This constant killing on our streets must come to an end. Right Now.

Unfortunately, we have become some inured to mass murders that even The New York Times didn’t blink. They played the story in a three inch, one column story well below the fold, with a jump to page 24. Page 24. The main story is on page 24. Most readers never get to page 24.

I guess the people who were killed or wounded didn’t matter. Yeah, sure. Ask the relatives of those who lost their lives. Ask the people who were wounded. Their lives are forever changed.

Even the people who didn’t get shot, who ran will never forget that day.

Take your time looking at looking at the fleeing shoppers. They are terrified, they were crying, sobbing because they thought they might be next. I’ve seen that after every mass shooting. Their lives are changed too.

I’m sorry to start our week with this, but I have to get it out.

I stumbled on the world’s worst news video, the one showing the shoppers who had been shot. Blood was everywhere, in huge pools. People bleed a lot when the weapon of choice is an AR-16. Then, there was gray matter everywhere. Brains are gray.

I didn’t upset me, but it made me very sad. Remember, I saw this stuff 50 years ago. But Musical Miss happened to pass by. Timing, you know. She never saw anything like it. She’s gentle, kind, generous, and affectionate.

Oh my, was she upset. I couldn’t calm her so I shut up and let her rant. When bedtime arrived, she was still crying. She started sobbing again. I held her. The dogs were worried so they hopped on the bed and laid as close to her as possible. This is what a guy with a gun did. And, we were a thousand miles away from the shooting.


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