New growth.

This photograph took some work because the original file wasn’t much to look, The light was horrible. So, I did a lot — more than I normally do — work in post production to make something even remotely interesting.

Did it work? I don’t know. What do you think?

That’s one of the disadvantages of working on a PAD project. You have to try to make a photograph everyday no matter the light, your health, the weather and so on.

Actually, I like bad weather, illness makes my mind go completely blank — my pre-shooting goal — but, bad light is just that, bad light.


Technology is breaking down around me. The typography issue right here in WordPressland still hasn’t been resolved.

And, now comes Spotify, my music and podcast streaming app of choice. When I tried to open it yesterday morning it wasn’t in my apps list. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So, I went to Apple’s app store. I searched for it. No Spotify. I searched by streaming apps. No joy. Not the app, or the web version. It’s still on my phone, but I wonder what’s coming.

If I can no longer use it, I’ll leave but I built a pretty good ecosystem, which I’ll miss. I’ll switch to Amazon Music, which I’ve tested and I like. I suppose it will just join my other Amazon apps, which is too bad because I really dislike putting all my eggs in one basket.

I wonder what’s next in my technology failures.

I think it may probably be Zoom, an app that likes to take over my computer and slow it way down. That doesn’t work for me or anybody else.

Happy Tuesday.



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