Locked and barred.

I’m sorry.

WordPress seems to be rescheduling my posts. I’m very careful to schedule them for AM. That’s in the morning, right? Yesterday’s post dropped at 10pm.

The only day I schedule a 10am post is Sunday. Normally, I schedule them for 11am.

There are three places to confirm the time. I do that religiously and yet this damn software does whatever it wants to do.

I still haven’t had the typeface selections restored. I guess I’ll have my third chat with the technicians tomorrow. I pay for this service. I cannot tell you how angry I am.

I realize that technical things are mostly well beyond me, but if WordPress keeps changing things I’ll never figure it out with my limited brain power.

I really don’t want to dive into the world of ChatGBT or even Bing, whose AI wants to chat with me.

WordPress’ AI version of spell check is bad enough, it introduces errors in my writing and when I fix them it does it again. I have to make three passes at copy editing or I won’t catch how AI “fixed” my copy. On this sentence alone “copy editing” turned into “copywriting” and “won’t” turned into “want.”

And, let me tell you how Bing’s AI works.

We were looking for espresso cups and saucers, We’ve managed to break a couple of ours. We wanted four plain white 3 ounce cups with matching saucers.

Bing sent us all over the world, and despite using proper tags that reflect what I just wrote, I had to hand search bout 25 pages of cups. It isn’t even limited to size.

I found red cups, I found Turkish cups that were pretty cool, but white cups? Not unless I wanted 200 of them to stock my coffee house. This wasn’t very helpful so I did the normal thing.

I turned to Amazon and about three minutes later I found what I wanted, paid for them and they should be here tomorrow. That’s why when people say that we should shop locally we still keep going to Amazon. They have what we (the global we) want and can deliver it fairly seamlessly.

Ah, technology.



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