Out On The Road

Fuel stop.

It came to me in a dream. It may turn into a nightmare, but Storyteller is going to be oriented towards travel.

But, not the kind of travel imagery that you find just about everywhere. Instead it’ll be based on the way I see the world. It’ll be quirky, creative and imaginative. Like me, sorta.

So, for today, I’ll start with a trip to Natchez, Mississippi I took in 2015. It’s likely that the only picture that will find its way into the new Storyteller might be the bottom left one.

Remembering why I took a long weekend trip up the river brings back what happened two days before I left. I was diagnosed with CLL.

As many of you know, I have a kind of Leukemia called CLL. The C stands for Chronic. What it means for about 95% of us is that aside from a high white blood cell count and maybe a B cell change nothing else happens.

It’s 2023, and my numbers have been static as shown by my twice a year bloodwork.

It’s highly likely that it will never affect me, but it can be much harder for me to heal. That’s why we were religious about protection from CoVid. If I caught it It was very probable that I would not recover.

So, I still mask up in crowded indoors places were a lot of strangers might get too close to me.

When questioned about why I’m still wearing a mask, I don’t explain, I just say, “Because I want to.”

Man, did this take a strange left turn.

Let’s just say that although I’m making pictures on a daily basis, you’re going to see travel imagery on Storyteller.

I think you’ll enjoy it.



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