Like This


These pictures were made in New Mexico mostly while I was making one of the earliest forms of my Picture A Day project and wandering from location to location.

The images are also a reasonable approximation of my intent with my rethinking of Storyteller. These aren’t your usual New Mexican pictures. Those will be available too, but they’ll live in Storyteller archives. They won’t be on the actual website pages.

Then, there’s the marketing. As I did with one of my musicians, the first one out on tour, this is going to take some targeting regional marketing if I want to license or sell my work.

In this world of social media that’s where I will advertise.

But, I am going to use some old school marketing theory which says that it takes seeing an ad at least seven times before a potential client even thinks about looking at something.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy New Mexico.

Heading east.


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