The Water Story

Little red bits.

Water, the stuff of life.

It flows. It runs. It trickles. It is still. It falls down. It reflects. It shimmers. It shines. It’s cold. It’s hot. It’s just right. It boils. It freezes.

It can be used to cook our food. As ice, it can be used to freeze our food keeping it safe for long term storage. That same ice can be use to cool our drinks and water them down. It can be used hot to make our coffee and tea.

In some places there isn’t enough of it. In other places there’s too much of it. In some places there’s a draught. In other paces it floods.

These pictures will be used in the new and improved Storyteller.

Because why?

Because often we travel to large bodies of water or we travel to rivers or we fish in streams and the ocean.

So, these can be considered to be travel photographs.

Consider, for a moment, my own situation. I lived in New Mexico, high desert. I lived in Louisiana, a swamp. Finally, Virginia, which is balanced just right. Not too much dry, not too much wet. A little rain, a little snow, a little heat and a little mud.

It’s about time.

Reflections of the day.


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