Getting There

They say the journey is as important as the destination. I don’t know who “they” are, but on domestic trips they are right.

Traveling internationally is a series of trips rolled into one when you mostly don’t see anything anyway.

But, road trips, whether they are by car, train, bus or truck, are when I get to see things along the way.

If I’m traveling alone with photography on my mind I’m known to turn a three hour trip into an eight hour trip. I’m looking for pictures and I have no one to disappoint either with me or at the destination.

If I am traveling with someone then he or she must know that the picture comes first, then fuel, then the bathroom and finally food. Food last? Yes, because I usually pack food, coffee and water.

And, since we aren’t speeding around I reckon that there is plenty of time for leg stretching.

As Jimmy Buffet once said, “New album’s old and I’m fresh out of tunes.” Once the new and improved Storyteller gets built and my touring is over, I think it’s time to make some new, more serious and salable photographs.

I think I want to head west (young man) because although I’ve passed through there with various musicians, passed is the operative word.

Pictures take time and that’s what I intend to take. Time.

Besides, I haven’t been home in years. Long Beach is where I grew up and I’d like to see what happened since I was there last.



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