It Was Cold

It was cold.

Making a picture a day can be very draining.

Some days you really have to make them wherever you see them.

For instance, I was trying to cool down some water so I stuck a glass of water in the freezer. I forgot about it until I didn’t. I retrieved it with just a thin layer of ice on top of the water. I put the glass on my desk and noticed the lamp light reflecting in the bottom of the glass. Being impatient, and wanting a cold drink of water, I broke the ice.

I saw what you are looking at it and thought, now wait a minute. I made a bunch of pictures. This was one of them. It required almost no editing except for a little sharpening.

Pictures are everywhere. They just have to find you.

On another note, I’ve been talking — well, complaining — about the drop in my readership. I had to go the list of people that I subscribe to for something. I took a minute to review it. I was surprised at how many people hadn’t posted in months.


I recently read somewhere that the age of traditional social media is coming to an end.

Sure, there are upstarts like Post, Mastodon and Substack who started to get popular after Elon Musk turned Twitter into a hellscape, but second tier players rarely breakthrough mostly because they are chasing what’s already gone.



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