Not Quite Yet

A little winter still remains.

The weather has been very pleasant here at farmville, so musical miss wandered around making pictures of bright, flowery spring pictures.

She does pretty well with a little technical help from me, stuff like how do I make this iPhone have a blurred background meaning some pictures with short depth of field.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grumpy made pictures like this one, the remaining winter. There was a short discussion about my negative views and her rose colored glasses, but all in all, we had some great fun.

Truth be told, the summer vegetables are growing just fine and the Peonies fill every vase in the house.

We’ll probably have to make some fresh peach pies and eat them before we leave. We’ll either leave fatter than we were or give some pies to our neighbors, probably the latter. Our neighbors are great, so giving them pies is a no brainer.

When we first moved to Virginia it was really right after a tour close. No food was a watch word in our house, but the neighbors came through.

We found on the front porch a picnic basket, with a red and white checked cloth protecting the food, which was all farm fresh. They left us fresh baked bread, eggs, two kinds of pork — bacon and sausage — and a kind of potato soufflé.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, five people were shot in five hours on one day, and six during the following day.

That should make it pretty clear why we chose our new lifestyle.



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