Another World


Another world.

Yeah, sure it is. Maybe a world inside my head, which is very scary place most of the time. If you think this is weird, you ought to visit my dreams. You’ll leave, either terrified or stupefied.

But, that’s not the point.

I made this image a little after I made yesterday’s picture. You must be wondering what hellscape I was walking through. It was just a little mall of sorts.

By the way, Twitterers call their social media site a hellscape. The difference between pre-Elon Musk and the current version is palpable. It’s a mess, but I’ll leave it at that.

That’s still not the point.

The point is really about seeing and understanding a scene’s potential.

I found these stars and circles on a table that must have been used for a party, auction or some other event.

The actual scene was stars and circles on a pink background. I’m not a fan of pink so I flipped it over in post production, pink became blue. Blue became magenta, er, pink.

I liked what I saw so I ran it through OnOne to finish it. It didn’t really need finishing. It was done before I started.

That happen to me sometimes; being done before I get started.

That’s sort of like when I told my friends about our farm. I started out by saying, “I bought the farm,” which usually means something very different.

Speaking of difference, I better go make one and go find some new pictures.



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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. I like hearts.


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