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Try, try, try.


I decided that I’d had enough and moved back to as opposed to .com. That could have gone well, but in order to use any of the older page templates I still had to use the customization button. That forces the user into the block system.

I may never completely finish this redesign of Storyteller. “Happiness engineers” convinced me to try FSE. The best I can say about that is that I could never find my completed pages. Assuming that they were completed. Mostly, I was just confused.

I still don’t know what I’m doing. Simple things evade me like how do I ad a comments section, or how do I place and link page buttons like home, about, blog, portfolio and blog.

We’ll see just how far I get before I either give up or start again for the 2,369th time.

This was a brand new picture when I first tried to use it. I’ve been at this so long that now it’s old.

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It’s that side eye that got me. With the change of month I thought I’d start with some fresh work. I’m still working in my archives and I’ll show you some of that, but not right away. This image is brand new. It combines two stories that I told you. One is a backstage photograph.…

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