See The Light

Following yesterday’s post, I thought another simple picture was a good idea. This one was made along the Bosque near Albuquerque, New Mexico.


A hard day needs a fun little picture. Here’s one now.

The Charm of Spring

I couldn’t think of a title, so I Googled songs about spring and flowers. That sort of worked. There are some pretty bleak songs about a season which is all about rebirth, beauty and light. Even Frank Sinatra wrote that he has no ambition or desire to do anything because nobody loves him. Whoa. Sinatra?Continue reading “The Charm of Spring”

A Little Bit of Spring

An easy picture today. Something to make you smile. The picture? Pretty simple. I just stuck my camera into a bunch of flowers and pushed the button. These days, with articulated LCDs, it is very easy to do. You just sort of have to find the right subject.

Once A Day

Well, I’m looking back. But, not so far back given that March just ended yesterday. Please take a look at my small collection of pictures from what appears to be my never-ending project called, PAD, or picture a day. I started this thing four years ago. Every time that I reach the end of oneContinue reading “Once A Day”

On Sunday

Time for a little something different. It is Springtime in New Orleans. After a lot of rain, the sun has reappeared and the flowers are blooming. Well, down here, they never stop blooming. But, more Spring-like flowers are showing their faces. So… I took my dog for her walk — well, two walks actually, oneContinue reading “On Sunday”

February PAD

This post should take about 100 years to produce. The categories and tags alone will take a long, long time to write. Anyway. PAD. Picture a Day. A lot of photographers do this. Some don’t make it. It’s a really tough discipline to shoot SOMETHING everyday. Some guys claim that they only shoot when theirContinue reading “February PAD”


A year or so ago I published a little Blurb book called “Red. Red. Red.” I used it mostly as a marketing piece. But, it is still listed in the Blurb library. If I were asked what my favorite color is, my reply would be color. I like color. I like powerful, strong, bright, energeticContinue reading “Red”

New Orleans Spring

After what seemed like months of photographing all things Mardi Gras, I realized that I was a little burnt out especially after the last few weeks. So, I’ve mostly been spending my time editing, or curating as it is called theses days. For post production, I’ve mostly been cherry picking for this blog and otherContinue reading “New Orleans Spring”