And, On The Fourth of July

I’m not really a big fireworks kind of guy. So, while I was thinking about what to post today, I came up with the idea of a collection of Americana pictures. So here we go.

White Wall

This is another image from the high noon car show. I’m thinking that shooting in open shade at high noon really makes the chrome pop nicely. I suppose the one thing that amazed me as I walked through this show, supposedly the biggest in New Mexico, is that so many people were spending a longContinue reading “White Wall”

The Junkyard

Before I write about Archie’s junkyard, I must make a clarification about what I wrote yesterday about Crossley cars. Crossley did make a car in England. But, they stopped making them before World War II. When they resumed production, they made only buses. However, there is a company called Crosley based in Cincinnati (The ownerContinue reading “The Junkyard”