Festival, Fear and a Little Fun

Well, here we go. The weather has cooled off a bit in New Orleans. That means a couple of things. Tourists arrive in droves. And, the festival season starts. Oh yeah. Halloween gets thrown in there too. From about now until late November, there are more festivals on any given weekend than some places haveContinue reading “Festival, Fear and a Little Fun”

And, On The Fourth of July

I’m not really a big fireworks kind of guy. So, while I was thinking about what to post today, I came up with the idea of a collection of Americana pictures. So here we go.

Just Gimme A Little Street Music

For those of you who have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a big fan of street food. I especially like it in Asin countries where food courts are built around existing outdoor vendors. In the same vein, I also like street music. Today, in New Orleans, French QuarterContinue reading “Just Gimme A Little Street Music”

Motion Studies & Links

Normally, I share my work here. Today as is no exception. But, I’d also like to share a couple of websites with you. I’ll get to my work in a minute. But, first a note about the websites. Lost Brothers is a subject near and dear to my heart. During the Vietnam War there wereContinue reading “Motion Studies & Links”

Tiny Little Portraits

I’ve been photographing people for most of my career. A quick look at my history will tell you that some of my earliest work was published in the newspapers for whom I worked. Most of the images published in a newspaper are about people. It doesn’t matter what section of the newspaper that you findContinue reading “Tiny Little Portraits”

February PAD

This post should take about 100 years to produce. The categories and tags alone will take a long, long time to write. Anyway. PAD. Picture a Day. A lot of photographers do this. Some don’t make it. It’s a really tough discipline to shoot SOMETHING everyday. Some guys claim that they only shoot when theirContinue reading “February PAD”


New Mexico’s summer weather apparently is very similar to the weather in southern France… hot, dry and some rain showers in the form of monsoons. So, like southern France, a lot of Lavender is grown here, especially near the banks of the Rio Grande. In fact, the village of Rancho de Albuquerque holds a LavenderContinue reading “Lavender”