And, On The Fourth of July

I’m not really a big fireworks kind of guy. So, while I was thinking about what to post today, I came up with the idea of a collection of Americana pictures. So here we go.

Sadness… and a Prayer

With the passing of Levon Helm, I’m having trouble sorting out what I want to post today. A lot of memories came flooding back. Some good. Some not so good. Some of my younger followers might not even know who he was. That’s okay. He played drums in a seminal band called, “The Band.”I guessContinue reading “Sadness… and a Prayer”

A Little Indian

While most Mardi Gras Indians are male and somewhat older, I did manage to find this one little cuti. Unfortunately, every photographer who walked by found her too. Oh well. What can I say? I just hope that I caught a nice moment.

Musician’s Hands

Once upon a time, in New Mexico, I happened upon a street musician working in Santa Fe. I asked if i could photograph him and he said sure and nodded at his pile of CDs. For the price of a CD, which by the way is pretty good, he let me work the picture. IContinue reading “Musician’s Hands”

Once A Day

Well, I’m looking back. But, not so far back given that March just ended yesterday. Please take a look at my small collection of pictures from what appears to be my never-ending project called, PAD, or picture a day. I started this thing four years ago. Every time that I reach the end of oneContinue reading “Once A Day”


A year or so ago I published a little Blurb book called “Red. Red. Red.” I used it mostly as a marketing piece. But, it is still listed in the Blurb library. If I were asked what my favorite color is, my reply would be color. I like color. I like powerful, strong, bright, energeticContinue reading “Red”

Folk Art Crosses

I‘ve written in the past — like yesterday — about my appreciation of folk art and folk art driven religious articles. Admittedly, this little cross is for sale. But, it is a nice example of simple folk art. I found it at St. Felipe de Neri Catholic Church on the Plaza in Old Town, Albuquerque,Continue reading “Folk Art Crosses”

Folk Art

I realized that most of my posts about South Africa have been pretty bleak. I suppose a good part of my impressions were formed by being physically sick. Nothing looked particularly great, even when it was. Despite all that I’ve written, if I was offered the chance to return, I would so so in aContinue reading “Folk Art”

Statues in Cemeteries

I like to photograph in cemeteries. I don’t know why. Sometimes poking around an old sacred place can yield some good results, especially in cemeteries that have a mix of cultures or one dominant culture who is expressive in what they choose to leave behind. I made this image at the same cemetery where IContinue reading “Statues in Cemeteries”