The Thing Is…

I have a very kind follower who wrote that I am an artist. She said something to the effect that I should embrace it. I would if I was an artist. But, I’m not. I’m not a lot of things. That’s okay with me. What I am is pretty simple. I’m a photographer who makesContinue reading “The Thing Is…”

New Orleans Spring

After what seemed like months of photographing all things Mardi Gras, I realized that I was a little burnt out especially after the last few weeks. So, I’ve mostly been spending my time editing, or curating as it is called theses days. For post production, I’ve mostly been cherry picking for this blog and otherContinue reading “New Orleans Spring”


This is for those of you who think that I can’t make a “normal” photo – graph. This is five week old Ellie and her big sister. I photo – graphed them as a request from their mom, who was one of the drivers of the 1957 Thunderbird I photographed a couple of weeks ago.Continue reading “Babies”