The Great Chase

Once upon a time I used to make pictures like this on a regular basis. I’m not sure why I stopped. It wasn’t a conscience decision. I just sort of let it fade away. I’m thinking that before I slip out of New Orleans for good I should wander around the city making these kindContinue reading “The Great Chase”

Photographing Everything

W andering around back streets is one of my things. Often I do that on my way to someplace else. That’s what happened this time. I was walking to my car from the arts district on Julia Street after White Linen Night, an event in which most of the crowd dresses in white clothes inContinue reading “Photographing Everything”

The Other Side Of Midnight

W ell, maybe. I’m referring to the title. After I made yesterday’s picture I got excited and went back out to see what I could see. I saw the picture you are seeing. Unfortunately, I mostly made vertical images. When I finally saw the totality of the photograph I realized a radical crop was inContinue reading “The Other Side Of Midnight”

And The Rain Came

In Southeast Louisiana, as it is in all semi-tropical places, the spring and summer months are traditionally the rainy season. Even though a bit of April seemed dry, the region already has surpassed its normal rainfall for this time of year. Rain fell yesterday and even though the sun is shining — weakly — thisContinue reading “And The Rain Came”

The Backside

From The Strip in Las Vegas, every building is shining and glittery… except for those buildings on the north end of The Strip which are usually retro, at best; just plain run down, at worst. However… One of the things The City Center does by placing monorail stations at the far ends of its boundariesContinue reading “The Backside”