And, Finally…

This is about it for my experimental series. I have one more picture, which is of a man reworked in this style. It seems to be quite powerful. I’ll show that to you tomorrow. Then, it’s time to move on… at least for now. As you may recall, I’ve been working on a long formContinue reading “And, Finally…”


Well. The subject is the same as the last few days posts. Another picture of a county fair. Yes. Again. But, the post production is very different. I can’t even remember what I did to this picture. But, you have to admit that it’s not my usual style or color palette.

Back From That

Okay. Now I’m back from my departure into the real world. Back to the world of experimentation and some kind of an attempt at art. So. This is Victoria Harbor which is a major shipping lane and separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and the rest of the New Territories. As you get closer toContinue reading “Back From That”


I photographed a young model about a week ago. The semi-selects are good. And, what you’d expect. But, I always like pictures that get beyond the norm or at least give the viewer some idea of what happens backstage or off the set. This picture was made while the model was getting made up. SoContinue reading “Backstage”

One Night, One Time

  “A wise man was telling stories to me. About the places he had been to. And the things that he had seen. A quiet voice is singing something to me. An age-old song about the home of the brave. In this land here of the free. One time one night in America.” — David Hildago & Louie Perez/Los LobosContinue reading “One Night, One Time”

Nobody Knows How…

I’ve returned to Central City to work on the project. Sometimes it hurts. Too much violence. Too much grief. This is Esther Anderson, the grandmother of five-year old Briana Allen, who was murdered in a crossfire while she was at a birthday party to celebrate a family member’s tenth birthday. She once asked her teacherContinue reading “Nobody Knows How…”

A Magic Evening

Everybody around me — myself included — was grumpy. So, we went to the French Quarter. I don’t know why. We just did. We ate at Maspero’s. The real one. The one that is supposed to be a tourist trap. Not the one on Decatur which is supposed to be good.  Surprise. The food wasContinue reading “A Magic Evening”

A Little Street Music

Testing. Testing. Testing. A new camera. A very little new camera. A camera without a mirror. When a camera doesn’t use a mirror it doesn’t need a pentaprism, which allows it to be about the size of a deck of playing cards. But, it has the sensor of a DSLR, which means I can useContinue reading “A Little Street Music”

Concrete Canyons

I was looking at this picture that I made in Admiralty, Hong Kong and realized just how power the island had become. Most of the buildings that form the backdrop of this image are banks. major banks with their Asian home offices located in Hong Kong. The pinkish buildings in the foreground are housing estates,Continue reading “Concrete Canyons”