The Moon

I normally post once a day. Usually in the morning unless I get very busy or I’m traveling. But. Today is special. So, I’ll post twice. Today is a little sad. But, it’s also a little time for reflection. Where were you in 1969? What were you doing when you heard this?  ““That’s one smallContinue reading “The Moon”

What Is It Like To?

Normally, the phrase “what is it like to” is a way of kick starting a blocked mind. I use it to begin photographing when I think I have a photographic block… like a writer’s block. Since I work so steadily, I’ve found that in the past couple of years I don’t have to use itContinue reading “What Is It Like To?”

New Mexico Light

One of the last images that I made in New Mexico. With the dry air and the very long views, you can see storms without actually being in one and getting wet. Of course, the skies and clouds are among the most amazing that you will ever see — anywhere.

And The Rain Came

In Southeast Louisiana, as it is in all semi-tropical places, the spring and summer months are traditionally the rainy season. Even though a bit of April seemed dry, the region already has surpassed its normal rainfall for this time of year. Rain fell yesterday and even though the sun is shining — weakly — thisContinue reading “And The Rain Came”

Overnight Sleeper

One of the last pictures that I made in New Mexico was this one. I don’t usually photograph sunsets, but this one left me with no choice. The most interesting thing about this picture is that this is natural. These are New Mexico skies at sunset. I did nothing to it, added nothing to itContinue reading “Overnight Sleeper”

Same Road, Same Reason

I think this will be the last of my experimental pictures that I’ll post for a while. I have no reason for not posting more of these images other than that I get bored easily and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn pictures like these into clients, or as they say inContinue reading “Same Road, Same Reason”

Rain. More Rain.

I was working on a lot of post production yesterday afternoon. I happened to look up at about 4pm and realized that the sky had turned black. Pretty soon the rain began. It really began to fall hard. It looked like a sheet of water coming out of the sky.  By 5:30pm when I neededContinue reading “Rain. More Rain.”

Color in the Air

I like color. Even though I claim not to be a nature photographer, I like color in nature. Here are a few images of New Mexican skies. Lots of colorful sunsets in that state. The picture of the moon and the cityscape is an out take from the Super moon event last year.

Exit 149

Okay. This is too weird even for me. I often write about a road called Paseo de Volcan. Or, Exit 149 off of I-40 West, just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was my go to place for certain kinds of pictures. When the so-called “super moon” phenomenon occurred last year, that where I headed.Continue reading “Exit 149”