Far Away

Mostly, I’m just playing and raking. Raking, you say? Yesterday there were all sorts of leaves on the trees. Red ones, orange ones and yellow ones. Today they are on the ground. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have to rake the entire farm. We just had to rake the area where there in aContinue reading “Far Away”

Accidentally Late Night

This is an accidental artwork. But, I love it. It’s another “found” picture, but this time it was lost intentionally. I didn’t really see the potential because it was so “grainy.” Once I opened it and looked at it again I realized that it was worthy of… something. Something means to me that it couldContinue reading “Accidentally Late Night”


These are the days of innocence and wonder, so said Paul Simon. These days, I say, “yeah, don’t you wish?” But, nothing stops us from living life as we wish. I’m not talking about the very practical matters of earning a living and keeping your home moving. Only a few people have that luxury, butContinue reading “Wonderment”

Don’t Give Up

This picture took a lot of time to work on because it was improperly exposed. It was banding. When I darkened it, it became too dark to view. I went backwards and tried to lighten it. That made it worse. I was determined not to give up. So, I didn’t. I basically made a messContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

Sometimes It’s Just Time

W ordpress and my struggles are well documented here. They leveled up yesterday and this morning. I think I mentioned that a friend told me that he wasn’t seeing Storyteller on Facebook. After a little poking around I realized that I wasn’t sharing anywhere. After a little more investigation, I found that I had beenContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Just Time”

The Distance Between

T he end of the day was spectacular so I actually made some new photographs. I don’t usually make a lot of cloud pictures but what could I do? The were moving in all sorts of patterns and shapes. I selected the one I liked best and did minimal work, but I decided to makeContinue reading “The Distance Between”

Nothing Normal

R arely do I ever see fog in The French Quarter. One time during the Christmas season I did. I was shocked. I almost dropped my cameras. I almost fell in the river. The muddy Mississippi River. The river that is polluted from all the oil and other stuff dropped from the big ocean goingContinue reading “Nothing Normal”

Where Time Stands Still

O nce, on a walk, I saw these Doctor Suess-like trees. You know, “Green Eggs and Spam,” “The Cat in the Hat.” Well, maybe. I always thought “The Cat in the Hat” was about Miles Davis. He wore hats most of the time. He certainly was a cat. With a trumpet. He changed music five orContinue reading “Where Time Stands Still”