Where Time Stands Still

O nce, on a walk, I saw these Doctor Suess-like trees. You know, “Green Eggs and Spam,” “The Cat in the Hat.” Well, maybe. I always thought “The Cat in the Hat” was about Miles Davis. He wore hats most of the time. He certainly was a cat. With a trumpet. He changed music five orContinue reading “Where Time Stands Still”

A Little Sunday Art

T his is without question a Sunday picture. Maybe it’s more like an Easter Sunday picture. At any rate, it’s a spring picture. It is one of my brightest pictures in a long while. It is layered and experimental. The base layer is the same as the top layer except it’s been moved around aContinue reading “A Little Sunday Art”

Purple Haze

S till looking and experimenting in order to find a path forward. I layered two pictures which is nothing new for me. Then I added some of what I call inscribing that I used on that mostly black and white tree image a few days ago. Some people really like it. A couple people didn’tContinue reading “Purple Haze”


C hange. They say it’s the only constant. They are correct. Just look back to March 2020 and you’ll see that the world is a very different place.Just about everything has changed. While many people seem to be recovering, most have not. Businesses have either changed the way they work, or they aren’t working. TheContinue reading “Changes”

Inside Out

S ometimes I just have to play. So, I did. I made this weird picture starting with the base picture of leaves in nature and adding watch gears on top. I flipped it this way and that and I completed it with a little tinkering. That’s the picture. I spent a good bit of timeContinue reading “Inside Out”

I Feel A Shift

L ittle did I know when you move one blog to another blog WordPress scoops everything up and removes it. I opened this version of Storyteller. I almost had a heart attack. As it turns out a lot of the the structure is gone, but I can still post so you’re stuck with me hereContinue reading “I Feel A Shift”

The Opening

E vents and memories of them last a long time. Eventually, we process them the best that we can. Musicians write songs, writers discuss what happened with their words. Photographers and artists who work on paper make some kind of visual statement. That’s what I did. We hunkered down when Hurricane Ida struck on theContinue reading “The Opening”

Gates of Eden

Y ‘all really like yesterday’s post. Strong black and white images can really draw your attention in a place where almost everything is some sort of color. So. As usual, I turned left while I had you looking right. This picture is really accidental. I was trying some layering. I used one setting and theContinue reading “Gates of Eden”

Fast Car

B efore you ask, and I’m glad that you might, I’m good. I’ll stay on the lookout. As they say, no news is good news. B ack to my band of the hour. I’ve drenched the house in their music. They are very, very good. They may be one of the few “new” bands thatContinue reading “Fast Car”