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  • With A Change Of Month

    It’s that side eye that got me. With the change of month I thought I’d start with some fresh work. I’m still working in my archives and I’ll show you some of that, but not right away. This image is brand new. It combines two stories that I told you. One is a backstage photograph. […]

  • Into The Mystic

    S heesh. I started this post and forgot about it. Until now. I try to post at noon my time. Obviously, I’m late. Very late. Sorry about that. Let’s talk about stupidity and failure. There is a guy who posts as NOLAphotoguild on Instagram. Today he wrote an eight page screed about freedom. I bet […]

  • Thinking About Livingston

    Y esterday sucked. Let’s start with my doctor. I received a letter from him dated December 1, yesterday. He’s leaving his practice. He sent that before he ever knew that I was gunning for him. That damn nurse didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me that. What a messed up medical practice. I’m sorry. […]

  • Fantasia

    Play time. That’s what I needed. Play time. So, I took some, both here and there. The weather turned coolish after a massive storm. That made it wonderful to be outside. I think the entire south was hit from West Virginia to The Gulf States. Anyway. I made a few pictures of spring flowers and […]

  • Green Eggs And Ham

    Hmm, I thought. Maybe there are no green eggs and ham. I knew that wasn’t right so I thought a Dr. Suess-like photograph might help. I’m sure that by now you are all aware of the controversy cause by Theodore Geisel’s estate removing six of his books from publication. No. This is not part of […]

  • The Red of the Picture

    And, so it shall be. No more political talk, except to say Twitter banned Trump – HA, HA. I’ve been looking for ways to express myself artistically until I start my project. You remember? The Jefferson Highway Project. First, I have to motivate myself to actually drive around. It doesn’t help that our CoVid-19 numbers […]

  • Time Passages

    Finally. It hit me this morning. I am in mourning. Not for the life we all once had. Although, that’s part of it. I’m in mourning for the passing of time. Not, the time that I’ve been discussing. That time has no meaning, no concept these days. Another kind of time passing. The kind that […]

  • Red & Black

    This is on me. Not the dog.  I was walking. I saw this beat up, rusted car. I walked by it. Wait a minute. I went back. I saw. Not the whole car. Details. Bits. Pieces. This. This happens when I’m in a zone. When I see. Really see. Likely as not I’m not in […]