Category: Sun

  • And, On The Fourth of July

    I’m not really a big fireworks kind of guy. So, while I was thinking about what to post today, I came up with the idea of a collection of Americana pictures. So here we go.

  • Overnight Sleeper

    One of the last pictures that I made in New Mexico was this one. I don’t usually photograph sunsets, but this one left me with no choice. The most interesting thing about this picture is that this is natural. These are New Mexico skies at sunset. I did nothing to it, added nothing to it…

  • Color in the Air

    I like color. Even though I claim not to be a nature photographer, I like color in nature. Here are a few images of New Mexican skies. Lots of colorful sunsets in that state. The picture of the moon and the cityscape is an out take from the Super moon event last year.

  • Exit 149

    Okay. This is too weird even for me. I often write about a road called Paseo de Volcan. Or, Exit 149 off of I-40 West, just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was my go to place for certain kinds of pictures. When the so-called “super moon” phenomenon occurred last year, that where I headed.…

  • Get Your Kicks On Route 66

    When I lived in New Mexico, I used to make a lot of pictures on Route 66. It was an easy “go to.” After all, old Route 66 runs east, west, north and south in Albuquerque. Yes. It’s true. The pre-1937 Route 66 comes down From santa Fe in the north and can be traced…

  • Early Morning

    Once upon a time when I was having a hard time getting started on a shoot, I used to give myself a little assignment called, “what is it like to…” This image was shot through the windows of a speeding New York taxi. So… “what is it like to ride in a New York taxi?”…

  • Morning Dew

    Okay. Those words are from a Greatful Dead song. But, that’s what I saw one morning when I walked out of my door. It’s funny. I have a couple of friends who always complain of having a shooting block. They can’t find anything to shoot. I usually tell them open their door and walk outside…

  • Winter Flower

    There really isn’t much more to say about it. It is a dormant flower that was photo – graphed from below and into the sun. They say that you should never photograph into the sun. I say that you should. Whoever they is, is wrong.

  • Temple

    This is a temple gong shaped as The Wheel, or Dharma – charkra – The Wheel of Law which is also symbolic the the cycle of Samsara, or rebirth. The picture was made in late afternoon sun in Issan, a region of Thailand bordering the country of Laos.