On Labor Day

Haircuts and working.

Summers end is generally considered to be the Labor Day weekend, nature disagrees. In the south the weather stays hot from April until November. On this day we celebrate the beauty of work, even though the pandemic caused a huge shift in what the means. Work remotely? Work in the office or business? A hybrid combination? Blue collar workers? Who stays home? Who must go to their workplace? The great resignation? The great return to work? The Future?


Most of us work for a living. Some do other hustles, side and otherwise. Labor Day celebrates that. In many ways, it’s one of the best Class Two holidays, with Class One being winter holidays no matter how you celebrate. Classifying holidays is my idea, not anybody’s idea who matters.

Mostly, I want to discuss the picture that I made in a barbershop. The shop is in Central City, New Orleans. It’s very successful because the barbers are willing to work whenever it’s good for their customers. How many businesses do you know that stay open on Sundays besides grocery stores?

I made the picture just before a second line was beginning. Some of the customers are just getting their hair cut. Some are prepping for the second line including the young boy looking at the camera.

Let me tell you a little bit about him. He is the victim of a drive by shooting. He’s a surviver with almost everything intact. Look at his eyes. That’s where you can see that something is off. Luckily, he sees with both eyes. The drooping eye is the result of a bullet ripped muscle.

The man looking in the mirror wearing the purple top hat is his dad. He told me the story. He and the rest of his family are very grateful for their life, even this tiny moment in the barbershop. It’s moments like this that teach me almost everything I need to know about life.

And, finally…

I wanted to do something special for the holiday. I started with formatted page. Simple enough.I loaded my pictures. Harder. I’m a very “clean” page designer. In my newspaper days my designed pages won awards. A young page designer with whom I worked later used to call me “The Dean of Clean.”

Don’t mistake this page for those in my past. The block system saw to that. The pictures were hard to align. I had intended to align Working with Celebrating. Good luck with that. It’s probably something I did with the basic template. I don’t really know that.

I suppose it’s a good effort. That’s not enough.


America celebrates labor Day in many ways. Some people just enjoy an extra day off. Others do what they did on Memorial Day and Fourth of July and burn some meat on the grill. Meat like hamburgers, hot dogs or maybe even steaks if they can afford them without taking out a second mortgage.


Jello shots.

I made this picture at a Super Sunday. it’s another way to celebrate. Even though it wasn’t Labor Day when I made the picture. This event is to celebrate Black Masking Indians and their new suits. In many ways, it is their Labor Day. See that smoke? BBQ or sale? See the woman posing for me? Jello shots.

Hot dogs, hamburgers and booze. Sounds like every holiday.

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