Tag: Abandoned House

  • Nature Begins

    It’s nature’s way. One of you commented something along the lines of nature has a way of overcoming whatever humans do. Nature seeks stasis. Nature is patient. Nature always wins in the end. Nature doesn’t care. I wasn’t sure where  I was going with this, then it came to me. Human beings are a speck […]

  • Window to the Garden

    See? I kept my promise. The end of the blue hour. For now. I was going to make this picture part of a little collection. But, I looked at it closely — you should too — and I was pretty amazed by all that stuff going on outside the window in sort of the background. […]

  • World of Strange Design

    The light is ugly. The rain has been heavy. Normally, you know what I say to that. “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” Normally. But, not these past few days. The light has been beyond ugly. Flat. Dark. Heavy. Heavy? Oh wait, that’s the very humid quality of the air. It’s a […]

  • The Nature of Things.

    So. Just so you know, hurricane season starts in just 26 days. The good folks at NOAA are predicting a big storm year. They say there will be 18 named storms and 9 hurricanes. They’ll probably get that wrong. But, still that’s a big year. Being a child of the last big storm, I get […]