Tag: Afternoon Light

  • Laughing

    The deep blue. So. I talked to the fine folks at WordPress. I asked them how I could do some of the simple things that I used to do in the days before blocks. They told me that I couldn’t. I asked them why they keep claiming that blocks are more flexible. They told me…

  • Royal Street

    Not quite golden light. But, interesting enough. The paint job helps. A lot. In many ways the colors represent the late 1800s in New Orleans. I many ways they don’t. They are modern. Updated. Nice and bright. The contrast against the blue striped Victorian wallpaper works pretty well. But… you knew this was coming. It’s…

  • Winter Light

    One day it’s cloudy. One day it’s bright. One day it’s cold. One day it warms up. Then, there are the hourly changes. That’s Southeast Louisiana. Enjoy it while you can.