A Year In Twelve

N ormally posts like this one are saved for the between week of Christmas and New Year, but it seems like just about everyone is jumping the gun, so I better do it too. I have a theory about why we are publishing best lists of 2021 so early. We want the second year fromContinue reading “A Year In Twelve”

The Dream

A special place. That’s what I’d hoped for when I returned from the desert, like a prophet, back to the swamp. Well, I’m no prophet. And, this isn’t that place. I don’t know about the rest of you, but during this period of down time I’ve had a lot of time to think. After all,Continue reading “The Dream”

Light & Color

I’ve walked by this place maybe 3,473 times and I’ve never stopped to photograph it. Well, that’s not true. I stopped in there on a Lonely Planet assignment maybe a decade ago. It’s a sort of combination book, art, curio and antique store. The owners have probably changed the product line a couple of timesContinue reading “Light & Color”