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  • Are We In Tatters?

    Traveling as much as we’ve been you often see some strange and interesting things. Normally, I don’t have time to actually make a meaningful picture. But, not this time. I made everybody stop and wait. I’m not having that much fun on the road so they could wait for me. I made this picture. You […]

  • On Independence Day

    W e’d like to celebrate today. But, we can’t. We won’t. The United States Supreme Court radically overhauled America in just two weeks. We don’t recognize what we once were. For sure, plenty of people are protesting, planning emergency rescues and some are even leaving the country. That won’t change much. Change will only happen […]

  • On Memorial Day

    On Memorial Day Daylight againFollowing me to bedI think about a hundred years agoHow my father’s bled I think I see a valleyCovered with bones in blueAll the brave soldiers that cannot get olderBeen asking after you Hear the past a’ callingFrom Armageddon’s sideWhen everyone’s talking and no one is listeningHow can we decide Do […]

  • On This Day

    Wow! What a busy weekend. For the of us who are in New Orleans we are think about the Mardi Gras parades that won’t happen. The celebrations in the quarter that will be muted. But, wait. There’s more. We are in the midst of the Lunar New Year. Or, as some say, the Chinese New […]

  • Hope For Us

    Farther along and further in. Those words are about learning, reflection, truth and peacefulness. That’s what today is about. We celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today. There is a lot we can do or not do. I started this day with — what else — a dog walk. I made a few pictures. You […]

  • On This Day

    Daylight again, following me to bed I think about a hundred years ago, how my fathers bled I think I see a valley, covered with bones in blue All the brave soldiers that cannot get older been askin’ after you Hear the past a callin’, from Armegeddon’s side When everyone’s talkin’ and no one is […]

  • The Distractor in Chief

    Distraction. With all the big issues going on in the world — the potential of nuclear war, raging forest fires in the west, three major hurricane hits to the country, failed legislation, broken campaign promises, the Russian investigations and seemingly being at war with everybody including his own party and Congress — the sitting president […]

  • Puerto Rico, Rocket Man and The Flag

    I’ve long said that Storyteller isn’t a political place. Maybe I was wrong. And, that’s saying something because I haven’t been wrong since 1970. (Don’t take that seriously. It’s an old joke.) Like many of you I’ve had enough. Maybe the outside informs the inside. Maybe that’s how art is really made. We have parts […]

  • One More Time

    It happens in threes. That’s what they say. I suppose that depends on which three you mean. For me, it was a friend, Bernie Jones, with whom I worked in my newspaper days. That was a couple of weeks ago. Then, Anacaleto. And, yesterday it was Pete Turner. I knew them all. I didn’t know […]