Sunday Offering

Out on the road. Again. I like poking around little roads and streets. Sometimes I find things. Many times I don’t. I found this little place right off. But, I took my time getting to it. The street was very narrow. There are drainage ditches on both sides of it. If I wanted to stop, IContinue reading “Sunday Offering”

Out on the Road. Take 537 or Something Like That.

My pictures are often about “What does it feel like to…” This is about what it feels like to be out on the road. Southeastern style. In the Southwest, the road would be winding through the desert. On the Pacific Coast, it’s somewhere on PCH. Pacific Coast Highway. Highway 1. And, so it goes. WhatContinue reading “Out on the Road. Take 537 or Something Like That.”

Motor City

Sometimes on my back road drives, I find stuff. Well, not exactly that. I’m sure the stuff that I find isn’t lost. It is more like dumped. Sometimes it’s interesting stuff. You know what they say. “If you want to take better pictures, stand in front of better stuff.” Sometimes, even better stuff doesn’t help.Continue reading “Motor City”


What can I say that hasn’t been said about them that hasn’t already been said? All I know is that I was very happily surprised when I was photographing Big Chief Yi, Yi, Yi at the Treme 200th Anniversary second line parade, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The Zulu King. Here isContinue reading “Zulu”


Well. The subject is the same as the last few days posts. Another picture of a county fair. Yes. Again. But, the post production is very different. I can’t even remember what I did to this picture. But, you have to admit that it’s not my usual style or color palette.

White Picket Fence

Usually, the phrase “white picket fence” means something about American Traditionalism. It is sort of an icon that speaks to a certain kind of life — sort of a dream — to which you aspire. Those standards probably have changed. That dream seems a little shopworn. Or not. Depends on who you are, and whatContinue reading “White Picket Fence”

Chicken Shack

I usually think of places like this as being sort of country. Not this time.  It’s Urban. Very urban. This store is located in the heart of Central City. It’s stands completely alone on sort of a five-pointed  corner. You cannot miss it. I guess they must sell food other than chicken since a closeContinue reading “Chicken Shack”


When I was photographing The Bank, located in Central City, the owner took me to another building that he uses as a workshop. He restores some furniture there. He also builds new, better-than-original furniture and house details there. I happened to wander into a back room and found the tools of his trade hanging neatlyContinue reading “Tools.”

Not Quite So Broken

I made this picture in Holy Cross. That’s in roughly the same place as yesterday’s picture. But, this one is a little more whimsical and colorful. I especially like the car. It came from California. Of course it did. If you look on the porch of the pink house — Oh wait. Excuse me. TheContinue reading “Not Quite So Broken”