Where Are The Americans?

Understanding. That’s what we all need. Coming together would be great too, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We are just too divided. We can’t abide a disagreement without hating the other guy. That’s stupid. Joe Biden looks like he has a great shot at winning the presidency. It’s more important than IContinue reading “Where Are The Americans?”

A Moment in Time

Today is September 11, 2018. Seventeen years ago everything changed. Terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City. They attacked the Pentagon in Washington D.C. They tried to fly another plane into Washington, but that plane was taken down by the passengers of that plane. Today is a solemn day in The United States.Continue reading “A Moment in Time”

Some Americans

  Americans. There has been a lot of talk about people over the election season. Americans. Who are they? Who should be included? Who should be excluded? What does the new President Elect mean for some of us? For those who thought the debate would get better after the election, well, you were wrong. ItContinue reading “Some Americans”

Real People

Here are a few of my older portraits. I’ve been organizing them to do something with them. What? I don’t know. I keep saying an addition to my website would be good, or a real old school print portfolio but it seems that I don’t have the time, the place or the energy to getContinue reading “Real People”