In the Graveyard

Wandering around. Again. I made this picture on a day when a storm broke. When the heavy clouds were lifting and the scene was getting a little bright, sparkly and shiny. It’s a cemetery in Uptown. For those who are keeping score, it’s a Jewish cemetery. But. This post isn’t about the subject. I like workingContinue reading “In the Graveyard”

About a Billion Pictures

This place has been photographed about a billion times. Everybody stops and takes a picture of it. And, I do mean everybody. That is, everybody who visits the French Quarter and especially Royal Street. This old building just sucks everybody right in. Even me. I’ve probably photographed it about 500 times. Or more. In all kindsContinue reading “About a Billion Pictures”

A Little Detail

Sometimes a whole city can be illustrated in a detail or two. I think this one comes close. It’s just a rusty, painted over, worn little wrought iron fence post cap. I can’t even remember on what street I saw it. But it caught my eye. You know the rest. I used to have somethingContinue reading “A Little Detail”

A Little Steam Punk

A giant thing. A steam Punk guard to the place that took me a couple of tries to find. Rosalie Alley. What is that? Near as I can tell, it’s one of the last remaining dirt alleys in all of New Orleans. Let’s talk about this for just a minute. In New Orleans, the definitionContinue reading “A Little Steam Punk”

Reflections, Light & Color

Sometimes, it’s in the details. Sometimes, your eyes just have to be a little more open than normal. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than luck and timing. This picture is a result of all four. The details are found in the one thing that makes this picture. The woman’s face in the bottom left of theContinue reading “Reflections, Light & Color”

City That Care Forgot

Well. The title’s a nick name for New Orleans. It seems to fit the city’s old cemeteries. They are cities. Of the dead. This one is across the street from Commander’s, a restaurant that is known the world over. It is Lafayette Cemetery Number 1. It was established in 1833. Assuming you can actually findContinue reading “City That Care Forgot”

Musician’s Hands

Once upon a time, in New Mexico, I happened upon a street musician working in Santa Fe. I asked if i could photograph him and he said sure and nodded at his pile of CDs. For the price of a CD, which by the way is pretty good, he let me work the picture. IContinue reading “Musician’s Hands”