And, In The End

Sometimes, You get lucky. You get to see the rainbow after the storm.You get to see nature being friendly rather than allowing us to get sick and die. That’s what this picture is about. Hope. You know me. You can’t eat hope. If you have hope right now, you’d better go to work. Hope, unfortunately,Continue reading “And, In The End”

Pearl of the Quarter

On the edge. It seems that all the president’s men are clamoring to open up the country.  They are hoping for business as usual. I’m not. I think we can be better in just about every way. I believe that even before CoVid-19 most of our systems are broken. The virus just provided clarity. IContinue reading “Pearl of the Quarter”

About Today

I know one thing as we head into a very different time and space. Enjoy every sandwich. The late Warren Zevon said that on the old version of David Letterman’s show. He said that knowing he had less than six months to live. He was dying from lung cancer. When Letterman asked him what heContinue reading “About Today”

On The First day

Photographers luck. I was out walking when I heard police sirens. I looked up. I saw Mardi Gras floats being pulled by their tractors. After being around for so long, I know that the floats are being towed to their parade starting points. There are three parades in which I’m interested. They are all UptownContinue reading “On The First day”

Deep and Dark

I saw it. I photographed it. I added to it. That’s the story of this picture. But, what’s the story behind it? Taking chances. I could say that a lot of my career was based on taking chances. I could say that I photographed on the edge. The edge of what? The edge of technicalContinue reading “Deep and Dark”

Some Winter

Yes. Some winter. When I made this picture, the air was cool. The sun was bright. And, new leaves were already showing on the Cedars around this place. Sheesh. We had about five days of sub-40 degree weather. It’s possible that we could get more. I remember working on Mardi Gras Day in 30 degreeContinue reading “Some Winter”


Can we all agree? For all of our good intentions at the start of a new decade, January pretty much sucked. The month seemed to last forever. Bad things never stopped. Last Sunday, Kobe Bryant died sending most of the world into mourning. Yesterday, Brexit began with no real deal in place. And, yesterday eveningContinue reading “Magic”

Facing the Sun

Looking into the light. No. Not heading toward the light. That’s something else. This means breaking one of the rules of photography, and in particular when you are using a digital camera. They tell you not to photograph directly into the sun. They also tell you that doing that with a digital camera will destroyContinue reading “Facing the Sun”

Taking Flight

New Orleans has a new airport. It hasn’t moved. A new terminal and runway system opened about two weeks ago right across a couple of runways from the old one. There were all sorts of complaints when the airport first opened. Curbside parking was a mess. There were very long lines to catch a taxi,Continue reading “Taking Flight”