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  • Something Very Red

    If you’ve read Storyteller for very long, you know that I rarely photograph flowers. When I do, I try to get as close as possible using a macro lens to turn the flower into something hyper-graphic. That’s what I did in this case. I pretty much put the camera in the middle of a very […]

  • Night In The City

    I had a better shooting night than I remembered when we went to Caroling In Jackson Square. I made four or five picture that I like a lot. This is number three. The first was the hands holding Christmas songs and candles. The second, I published yesterday. And, here’s another one for today. This picture […]

  • The Crowd

    Art for Art’s Sake draws pretty good-sized crowds. They include just about everyone because it is a family event. It’s good fun. And, it’s not too art damaged. Heh! As I wrote yesterday, these things are a little hard to photograph. There is way too much sensory input. You either have to compartmentalize everything and focus […]

  • Mostly Color

    I think this is the last rain picture for now. But, they say to never say never. I have no idea who “they” are, but it sound right to me. It’s another example of an image being driven by technology. That rarely works. But, for pictures like the last couple that I’ve posted it works […]

  • The Chair

    So. I went to White Linen Night in New Orleans. Maybe 35,000 people — mostly in white — trying to look at art, have a bunch of drinks and eat some miniature food while milling around the arts district. It was hot, humid and very sultry. Well. Too hot. Too humid. Not that much sultry. […]

  • A Change of Pace

    For now, I’m done with second line parades. But, rather than jump into something new, I thought I post something like a chapter header. It is a sign. A symbol. A fleur-de-lis. It is a symbol of much more than just The New Orleans Saints. It is the symbol for a city. Many cities, actually. […]

  • On The Bund

    A few years ago I happened to find myself in Shanghai, China. Find myself? You ask… Okay, I took a plane and a train.  I traveled there to photograph the city. Anyway… I got up early one morning to photograph rush hour and I made my way to The Bund, where I made this picture […]

  • Overnight Sleeper

    One of the last pictures that I made in New Mexico was this one. I don’t usually photograph sunsets, but this one left me with no choice. The most interesting thing about this picture is that this is natural. These are New Mexico skies at sunset. I did nothing to it, added nothing to it […]

  • Beads, Bangles and Art

    This is Cat Alley. Or Lascar’s Row, if you prefer. It has a very spotty reputation. At various times in history it was either a red light district, or a bunch of rooming houses for Indian sailors who made port in Hong Kong. Today, it ‘s sort of an arts and crafts center where tourists […]