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  • It Ain’t Over

    Pictures. You know that I’ve been working in my archives looking for pictures for a project. I’ve found some, but not all. I did find this picture. A photograph. It is so appropriate because. I have been thinking lately about my past. You know, getting deep inside. I won’t write much about the picture on […]

  • One Terrible Night

    New Orleans is in mourning. The worst possible thing happened last night. A woman was crossing the street in between floats. Or, so she thought. She actually was trying to cross between two connected floats. She tripped or fell. The second float hit her and killed her. The Krewe of Nix came to a halt. […]

  • New Orleans

    Time for a change. I reckon that yesterday’s post about spring was a fairly good one. That’s a good way to go out. No. I’m not leaving. I’m just a little tired of photographing nature when I’m not even a nature photographer. I suppose it shows. Real nature photographers go places. Even if they stayed […]

  • Beads ‘n Stuff

    The rain, the beads and other stuff. There has been a fair amount of rain. Not quite the deluge that the weather folks have been hollering about, but enough to cause parades to be rescheduled — forward, not back — and for one to be moved from Saturday to today. That’s all fine.  It gave […]

  • Beads

    Beads. They are everywhere. This time of year. And, most times of the year. These are fresh. Bright. Shiny. New. As the year rolls on they will begin to fade. If they manage to hang around for a couple of years they will show their true colors. Black. Gray. White. For now, they sparkle in the […]

  • Then There’s This

    Mardi Gras. Things are taking shape. The city is getting ready. Decorations are popping up everywhere.  Normally they are green, gold and purple.  I have no idea why these are red. Or, why the skulls are featured. But, the whole thing caught my attention. Hopefully it will catch yours. The picture. Oh, you know.

  • Bead Tree

    This is where Mardi Gras beads come from. They grow on trees. All over the city. You pick them when they are ripe. But, seriously… They mostly come from China. The same place just about every inexpensively manufactured product comes from. Some glass beads still come from the Czech Republic. But, they are pricey and […]

  • Mardi Gras Wrapper

    Mardi Gras 2016. The end of the season coming soon. I’m not done yet. Today and tomorrow are Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras. I’ll get real busy on both days. I’m not sure yet if I am going to shoot the last two Uptown night parades tonight, but for sure I’m going to photograph a […]

  • St. Charles Avenue

    St. Charles Avenue. I didn’t travel on this street very much during the parade season. I usually seek out little back streets to make it to and from home. But, I happened to pass by a few days ago. I was truly amazed to see the little city of parade ladders, folding chairs, folk art and […]