Tag: Beauty

  • Sun King

    Something for winter. Something yellow. Something bright. The change is coming. In one day. Many of us will be watching it online via the socials. Many of us will be happy. There are also those who have convinced themselves with no evidence that there is no way Biden could have won the election. The pillow […]

  • Borderline

    Changes. Many changes. I really messed up some folks today. Here’s what happened. I decided to make some major changes to Storyteller. You can’t see them. The changes are made in the architecture of the site. The WordPress technician and I worked very well together. We knew that he had to fix a bug and […]

  • Changes, Always Changes

    The news from the virus world keeps getting bleaker and bleaker. I’m afraid to read a story in The Washington Post about how the economy turned terrible seemingly overnight. It used to be that there was a big difference between what happened on Wall Street and Main Street. Not this time. Small businesses are crashing […]

  • Magic and Light

    Magic. The Grateful Dead’s late Jerry Garcia said that we all need a little magic. I think he’s right just about now when the world seems to be spinning off into every kind of chaos. I’m not going there today. This is just something that I’ve being tinkering with until I got it to this […]

  • The Beauty of Green

    The power of nature is on display in this very green picture. Because spring is about rebirth. And, because about a week ago these new leaves didn’t exist. Rebirth can be a generational thing too. Watching the young students walk out of their classrooms in order to protest gun violence, and to commemorate those who died […]

  • Nature’s Glow

    Just another day. In nature. These pictures are more about mood than documentation. Today’s light is drifting in and out. Sometime the light is and powerful. And, sometimes it looks about like it does as I am writing this. Soft and shadowless. I there a political comment for today? Not really, except to say that […]

  • Then, Around The Corner

    After I toured St. Alphonsus, my guides suggested that I take a walk around the corner and have a look at one of the working churches. These folks seemed to know what they were talking about, so I did. I checked in at The Seelos Center and they gave my very exact instructions for getting […]

  • Summer Clouds

    I keep saying that New Orleans is a sub-tropical place. Our rainy season occurs during the summer months. because of that, even rain isn’t falling, we usually have some pretty dramatic clouds appearing in the sky. This is one of those pictures that I made on my way to someplace else.  It was made at […]

  • Color. Nothing But Color.

    Something for a long weekend. Something bright. Something yellow. With a little help in post production to make it look painted and framed. Long weekend. Unless a picture jumps up in front of me, it’s time for a little break.