Working For A Living

A ugust. This is when strong people turn weird. Myself included. After all, this the month of big hurricanes. First came Katrina. On August 29, 2005. Then came Ida. On August 29, 2021. If that doesn’t spook you, nothing will. Katrina was the more destructive of the two, although Ida did her mean spirited thing.Continue reading “Working For A Living”

A Lot Of Places

W hat does it mean to travel? It means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some do it to relax by a pool in some place other than where they live. Some travel to learn. Others go on safaris. Some travel to see famous places. Some travel to eat. Others travelContinue reading “A Lot Of Places”

Summer Palace

Once upon a time. I spent a lot of time traveling in Asia. I live for a year in Shanghai, China. Between my comings and goings, I spent six years in Hong Kong. Long enough for me to have resident visa. I worked on a lot of big projects. Often, one project would take twoContinue reading “Summer Palace”

Once Upon A Time

I thought that I would share this older picture. How much older? Well, its production is coming up to seven years. I didn’t think that it was that old, but time flies… as they say. Here’s the story. I’d been asking an editor to give me some work in China. He did. But, the timingContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”

Rebuilding Again

I live in New Orleans. Many of you know that. I am a Katrina person. Many of you know that too. I left for a long period of time and finally returned home. During that time, something happened that might be a “feel good” story of the century. The football team — The Saints —Continue reading “Rebuilding Again”