It rains around here. In the summer. Water accumulates everywhere. If you are out walking soon after the rain stops you can find all the secret places. Except. They aren’t that secret. It’s just that most people don’t see them. I do. I photograph them. I was talking with a friend of mine who wasContinue reading “Droplets”


Freedom. Light. Surreal. That’s what a very few people who looked at this image before I posted it said about it. How cool. Those are great words. I wonder what you think. I’m seeing a little differently now. I’m seeing shapes rather than color. I’m using some of the post production tools in different ways.Continue reading “Freedom”

Into the Sky

Yes. Yes. Yes. I remember what I wrote yesterday. But, my muse had other ideas. So, I made a couple of black and white cloud studies. From my ongoing art studies, I know that this falls into very a classic style of photography. That, and self portraits… which have morphed into selfies. I’m not bigContinue reading “Into the Sky”

Oldest School

One thing leads to another. While I was poking around my newly resurrected archives looking for the Earth day picture, I found this one. I made it in Shanghai, China in 1989. In those days Shanghai was still a dark city. No lighting. Electricity was marginal. You bought your groceries in little shops or onContinue reading “Oldest School”

Old Shanghai

More tinkering. I think, for the foreseeable future, this is where I’m headed. I like the notion of bringing more to a photograph than just pushing the button and letting digital processes do all the rest. This feels like my version of photography. Something a little ephemeral. But, at the same time tangible. Something thatContinue reading “Old Shanghai”


We’ve been watching a lot of The Walking Dead on Netflix. Does that help to explain the look and feel of this picture? I’m also been poking around my deep archives, trying to organize them in a way that everything can be found with a couple of keystrokes rather than by my own visual memoryContinue reading “Ruins”

Signs of Life

A little nature. In black and white. A brand new picture. I decided to let it tell me what do. The original is a color digital file. The color is just fine. Green leaf. Red veins. After publishing all those black and white images, I am still sort of in the mood. So. Happy Sunday.

And In The End

Boom. Boom. Boom. Bang. Bang. Bang. The beat. In the groove. Keeping time. He was very, very good at it. I photographed this young musician in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The assignment, as I recall, was great fun. Technically, this is my way of bringing the studio with me. It’s also my way of being aContinue reading “And In The End”