Experimentation Sunday

It’s Sunday. I experiment. Or, I go photograph a second line parade. I’m too still sick to go out in the street and work. I thought I was better yesterday. But, this damn flu just won’t let go. I haven’t been able to really work in a week. It’s making me crazy. But, it isContinue reading “Experimentation Sunday”

Music. Three. Horn. Two.

I seem to be consumed with brass instruments. With Horns. And, trumpets. If this picture had been made in a studio or just in my own location it wouldn’t mean so quite much to me. But, I made this in the middle of a parade. I was being jostled around. Bounced around. Knocked around. I am trulyContinue reading “Music. Three. Horn. Two.”


Simplicity. A few weeks back when I took part in the black & white challenge a few of you said you’d like to see more work in my “new” media. Okay. Thank you. My new media isn’t so new. Like many photographers around my age, I first started working in a wet darkroom when IContinue reading “Simplicity”


There are rumors and rumors of rumors. Especially in New Orleans. I thought that I stumbled upon one of the so-called missing Banksy bits of wall graffiti and political commentary. Apparently, he came through New Orleans in 2008 and did his thing. Love his work or think it’s just graffiti defacing a wall, he didContinue reading “Banksy”

Experimental Sunday

Yes. I’m back to experimenting with my work… on Sunday. I used to do this a lot. I call it “Experimental Sunday.” Imagine that.  But, I’ve gotten away from it. Before I talk about this picture, please let me apologize to those of you who have already seen this portrait on Facebook or Twitter. IContinue reading “Experimental Sunday”

It’s Starts Around Now

New Orleans. Masking. Add those two together and you just have to know that Halloween is a big day for us. Generally, decorating starts early in the month. Then, it keeps rolling along until it hits the peak. It’s everywhere. In The French Quarter. Uptown. The Garden District. The Bywater. The Marigny. Everywhere. And, thenContinue reading “It’s Starts Around Now”

A Day

Sad day in New Orleans. 19 people were shot or wounded at a second line parade celebrating Mother’s Day. I  always wondered where the next mass shooting would be. Now I know. New Orleans. Home. I suppose that it could  have been  a lot worse. There were around 400 people either walking in the paradeContinue reading “A Day”

Blues Man

Memphis. The Blues. Sammy Eubanks. Nothing more to say. Really.


… Or is that arf? When I was poking around the Westbank I saw what I thought was a log cabin. I got all excited. It turned out to be a modern copy. My excitement waned. While I was making a few pictures a woman came out and asked me what I was doing. IContinue reading “Woof…”