What Remains Home again. This picture is not of home. This was made in New Mexico while a brush fire was burning in the distance. Pretty soon it wasn’t in the distance. It was staring at us. So, we beat feet. I had to know what happened so I returned to the scene. This pictureContinue reading

Kindred Eyes and a Strangers Face

Letting everything in. It’s about that time. Time to let in the shadows and the light. That’s how we know we are alright. I think I’ve been doing that as it relates to the age of the pandemic. There are days when all I see are shadows. I tried my best to get into theContinue reading “Kindred Eyes and a Strangers Face”

Hurricane Season

Yesterday was a big day. Oh, in the grand scheme of news it pretty much went unnoticed. After all, we are about to be decimated by a new tax scheme (I use that word intentionally), we are on the very edge of a nuclear war, the man known as the president is not only corrupt,Continue reading “Hurricane Season”

Wet and Cold

Weather. There is saying in New Orleans. It goes something like this. People think we don’t have four seasons. They are wrong. We just have all of them in 24 hours. That’s just what happened. Warm and humid to cold and dreary. In under 24 hours. I took the dog who sees stuff for aContinue reading “Wet and Cold”

Red & Black

This is on me. Not the dog.  I was walking. I saw this beat up, rusted car. I walked by it. Wait a minute. I went back. I saw. Not the whole car. Details. Bits. Pieces. This. This happens when I’m in a zone. When I see. Really see. Likely as not I’m not inContinue reading “Red & Black”

Sunday Offering

Out on the road. Again. I like poking around little roads and streets. Sometimes I find things. Many times I don’t. I found this little place right off. But, I took my time getting to it. The street was very narrow. There are drainage ditches on both sides of it. If I wanted to stop, IContinue reading “Sunday Offering”

Witches on the Move…

I would never have thought it. Witches don’t need their brooms to be fast and stealthy. I thought that they did. They passed me by so quickly that this picture is the best that I could do. They were on their way to some place else. Just like me. The only difference being, they wereContinue reading “Witches on the Move…”


We are starting to move into the heaviest section of our storm season. There is a really disorganized storm in the gulf as I write. And there is another one called Erin making its way from Africa. Luckily, it looks like it is headed way north. It will either fall apart in the Atlantic OceanContinue reading “Wet”

Just an Experiment

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get weird on you. A couple of years ago, when I started blogging, I used to do something called “Experimental Sunday.” I would play with pictures and ask for feedback. I’ve sort of gotten away from that. I don’t know why. I just did.  Since we are still recoveringContinue reading “Just an Experiment”