There is a piece in The New York Times that is the opposite of last week’s languishing. This time it’s flourishing. The author gives you some steps to take to move from languishing to flourishing. There are seven of them. Most of them are smallish things like clean the kitchen or take the trash out.Continue reading “Flourishing”

Once Upon A Time

I was thinking. Yeah, I know. That’s very dangerous. But, after the constant flood of bad news about CoVid-19, I think that we all need our moods lifted, even if it’s only for the length of time that you need to read Storyteller. There’s magic in photography. I should use it. You should embrace it.Continue reading “Once Upon A Time”

Within You

Art. I read a lot about fine art photography. I read a lot about art. I look at a lot of both. The term fine art photography seems very misplaced to me. How is another picture of a sunset fine art? Or, the waves breaking on a beach when the water has been slowed downContinue reading “Within You”


It’s only love It’s only love You know how it feels Feeling is easy I know When I was young When I was young You know It was real My heart was open But now I know I know I know I know better I’ve been shown The other side And now I see theContinue reading “Easy”

Expecting to Fly

Learning. That’s my word of the year. My koan. My focusing point. Sometimes it’s about the inside. Other times, it’s about the outside. Today’s picture is about the outside. Here’s the background. The all-seeing dog and I were out walking. Yesterday was a bad day in the pain department. I had to sit twice. NotContinue reading “Expecting to Fly”

Brand New

New Blooms. Wait. What? It’s winter down here. Just like it is throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Our winter is fairly mild. We get a few sub freezing days. Not that many. We’ve had a long streak of cold fronts and gradual warming for the last month or so. Normal for us. In a few weeks,Continue reading “Brand New”

Second Growth

I told you. We have a second growing season down here in the swamp. I found this scene on a walk. A long walk since we weren’t dodging raindrops. I’d say this is a good exercise in seeing, but how could I miss? The flowers were calling to me from thirty yards away. The onlyContinue reading “Second Growth”


  Sometimes… a you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. That little saying comes from an old advertisement for Planters Peanuts. It’s the same thing for me. I’m mostly photographing junk or found objects or something I brewed like yesterday’s coffee picture. That doesn’t mean I stopped making pictures of what I see. ThisContinue reading “Sometimes…”


Today is September 11. 9.11. The anniversary of the day the towers fell. In New York City. And, the Pentagon was attacked. In Washington, D.C. On September 11, 2001. Today, it almost seems like an afterthought, because most of the past 30 days have been close to hell on earth. In some cases, a wateryContinue reading “Today”