A Little Foxy

Summer things. This picture is not part of my summer collection. It does show a summery plant. Foxtails. They only catch my attention when the wind is blowing. That also makes them a little hard to photograph. Timing is everything. Hand – eye coordination is everything. Seeing what’s happening in the background matters too. ThatContinue reading “A Little Foxy”

Looking Back

I made the original image a while back. I reworked it last night. But, that’s not what I’m going to talk about. You knew that, right? I want to talk about Dan Dasilva. Who? What? Where? He came to light via a photojournalist group that I’m part of on Facebook. Apparently, he lost a copyrightContinue reading “Looking Back”

More Street Music

A little brass band music. On the streets. On a second line. Everybody whoopin’ and hollerin’. Singing and dancing. Another neighborhood. Another Sunday. In New Orleans. I’ve sort of taken a break from photographing these things every Sunday. There are 47 of them. Sometimes, other stuff gets in the way. Family things. Too many errands.Continue reading “More Street Music”

Sweet Caroline

So. I know what you are wondering. “What’s the deal with Sweet Caroline?” Well. I never saw or heard or anything like it. But first, a little back story. This is the ‘titRex Parade. No. It doesn’t mean what you think it does. The name is short for Petit Rex. No. I didn’t misspell it.Continue reading “Sweet Caroline”

Along The Boardwalk

Carnys. They never really like to be photographed. This one appears to be no exception to that rule. I just did some Googling around and fund out that this both is called a “joint” in carny-speak. But, I like the color and I’m not easily deterred. Besides, I liked the colors. A lot. The picture?Continue reading “Along The Boardwalk”

Musician’s Hands

Yes. More of the same. Street musicians on Royal Street in The French Quarter. Sometimes, for me, shooting a constant stream of events becomes a little boring. The crowds start looking the same. The events start to blur. The parades really never change. The only thing that really changes is my thinking. With this FrenchContinue reading “Musician’s Hands”