Another Time

Ten days on. If this were a sensible year we’d be off to see the Krewe of Barkus today. Sometimes the dogs come along. Sometimes they’d actually be entered officially. But, there is no Krewe of Barkus this year. There are no Mardi Gras parades. Bourbon Street will be closed. Bars will be closed. They’llContinue reading “Another Time”

Night Ride

Everybody is going somewhere. This is Central Business District traffic at right about rush hour. There is rain falling in the light dusky shadows. Drivers are trying to dart in and out of traffic blockages. I got bored. I did what any photographer would do. I made pictures. Before you think that I’m crazy, let meContinue reading “Night Ride”

Light at Night

A little more Impressionism. This time, it’s about traffic in New Orleans’ Central Business District. At night. You’re probably gonna laugh when I tell you how I made those repeating “W” shapes with the light. At the very moment I pressed the shutter release button I did the New Orleans thing. I hit a potContinue reading “Light at Night”


Dreams. Yes. Dreams. In my dreams. I’ve been dreaming about this set of pictures for many years. And, many, many more years. I’ve never had the opportunity to make them. Last night I did. I got lucky. Well. No. That’s not it. I used my head a little. That’s something new and different. Instead ofContinue reading “Dreams”


Streetcars. One of the reasons that visitors to New Orleans come here. Mostly, they come for the French Quarter and mostly Bourbon Street. But, more adventurous souls like to roam around the city. There is plenty to see and do. They can tour very easily just riding the streetcars. The older cars — green — run alongContinue reading “Speeding”


Even though we use them to commute through a lot of New Orleans, people come from all over the world to ride the streetcars. They are a tourist attraction for many people. They are a great way to see Uptown New Orleans. They are a great way to travel to our two major parks — City Park andContinue reading “Zooooooooooom…”

This Is What Happens…

For those of you who have been around a while, you know that sometimes I like to work from a moving car. Sometimes, I photograph while I’m driving. Under the heading of don’t try this at home, I’ll tell you that I set the camera on everything automatic, sort of brace it on the dashboardContinue reading “This Is What Happens…”

A Few More

Since Halloween is just past and we are all now looking forward to pigging out on turkey, I thought I’d post a group of pictures that were made at various Halloween parades, but are mostly just things that I saw. I won’t load you up on masks or skulls or pumpkins. Well, not too muchContinue reading “A Few More”

Out on the Road

Still really, really sick. In fact it got much worse last night. But, we seem to be getting better. Maybe in a couple of days I’ll go outside and try not to fall on my face. Or, maybe 8 days. Or… oh never mind. It may be just as well. I’d like to clean upContinue reading “Out on the Road”