Tag: Bold Color

  • Missing Something

    It took some time. Six years to be precise. Six years of wandering around when I was free enough to focus on making some meaningful pictures. Focus. Pun intended. This work was made long enough ago that it is all made on film. My film of preference, Fuji. Velvia. ISO 50, which we mostly used […]

  • Just Add Color

    This stuff should be easy. How much fun is it making pictures like these? You don’t even have to think, just see, just react and keep going. Given some of the blow back about planning and getting there and, and, and … You’d think I have no idea of what I’m doing. I’ll tell you […]

  • Change of Pace

    Something entirely different. There’s been a lot of talk everywhere including in the least knowledgable of people, congress, about the very evil Ticketmaster and their owners LiveNation. If the people doing the whining asked how this happened they might understand. Something. Let’s talk about what Ticketmaster really is and what it isn’t. Ticketmaster isn’t a […]

  • 2022

    Best of 2022. Here’s what I did. I decided that because this past year was a little different because I showed you a lot of my archival work that I would select “best of” images in that context. I think that there is a darkness that has settled upon the land. The right and left […]

  • Somebody Told Me

    Rolling, rolling, rolling. I made two good pictures on the day that I made this one, The first one, you’ll see it tomorrow, was intentional. This one was an accident, but not in the usual way. The light was turning golden so I thought I’d wait for it. I was laying down with two dogs […]

  • Minimal

    Minimalism. A lot of people talk about it. Marie Kondo talks about to the point of making a career out of it. Photographers and artists talk about it. It was a little trendy. I tend to like it both in my art and personal life. We are in the middle of thinning out our stuff […]

  • NYC Morning

    Once, In New York City near the Financial District, I turned around and saw this scene. Not quite. I saw people hustling their way through morning rush hour. The light was fine, but the motion was not. I went to a very old trick. I set the shutter speed for two seconds, and the f […]

  • Colorful Time

    My own personal fantasy. Color, light, reflection, refraction, dusk, blue hour, rain, water, sparkle, a thousand points of light, circles, shapes, shining, patterns. That’s what makes these pictures just a little different.

  • Witches, Ghosts and Michael Myers

    Here it is. The day of the big night. The night when stuff used to burn in Detroit, when eggs were thrown at houses of people who yelled, “Hey! You kids stay offa my lawn,” when the houses of popular kids were tp’d (Kids used to wrap houses, trees, cars even dogs with toilet paper. […]