Road Color

Y esterday’s post was a bit bleak, but it was honest. Authentic, as we say today. We saw an example of it on Thursday night, when the January 6 Committee laid the insurrection at Trump’s feet. And, at his feet it will stay. I’m sure he’ll be hopping mad. Too bad. It was an exerciseContinue reading “Road Color”

It’s New Orleans, I Tell You

Rain. We, in New Orleans, get a lot of it. It doesn’t stop us. Usually. It certainly didn’t stop these two women. They were soaked through and through. What did it matter if they got even wetter? Besides, when was the last time that anybody saw Bourbon Street without crowds at night? And, she’s wearingContinue reading “It’s New Orleans, I Tell You”


The Clover Grill. A classic dive in the French Quarter. The food is good. Hamburgers are cooked under a hubcap. You probably can’t finish a side order of french fries. And, you’ll never know who or what you’ll see. Go there late at night and the trannies will perform for you. Especially if they thinkContinue reading “Breakfast”

Early Morning Dew

I used to walk around The French Quarter sort of early in the morning on Sunday. I’ve pretty much stopped that, mostly because I rarely go to the Quarter. No real reason. It’s just one of those things. On this morning I was walking on Bourbon Street, toward the downriver end. Where things are quieter.Continue reading “Early Morning Dew”

The Truth

Bo-be-ya. That word is the only word this young man says. He said it at the Clover Grill. On Bourbon Street. In The French Quarter. It means “Good” or “I like it.” I’m told that it’s very hard to make a portrait of him. I didn’t think it was so hard. It’s all about relatingContinue reading “The Truth”

Rain. No Second Line.

No second line today. It rained. A lot. Sort of a semi-tropical storm that built up in the Gulf. Normally, most second lines will run regardless of the weather. Not today.  The leaders had the time to make a decision. Today, I learned something about why second lines walk in bad storms. Or, walk when nobody showsContinue reading “Rain. No Second Line.”

Lundi Gras

Lundi Gras. The Monday before Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. Bourbon Street. The heart of the tourists’ version of the holiday. The only locals — people from here — who go there are people like me who are working. And, only for a short time. We have other places to be. Like the Zulu parade. Or,Continue reading “Lundi Gras”

Life On The Street

Experimental. These two pictures are even more experimental than usual. I made them as sort of a test. Why would I do such a thing? Well, I could go on and on about pushing the boundaries. About trying to learn new methods and uses of our ever-changing technology. But, all of that would be justContinue reading “Life On The Street”

Saturday Night

New Orleans is known as a party town. To some degree it is. People work to live, not the other way round. But, nothing in the city gets as crazy Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. Even Mardi Gras, which is two weeks of celebrations, is not so alcohol-fueled as some nights on Bourbon Street.Continue reading “Saturday Night”